Our Story


Zuddha Water is a brand born of a shared passion for health and wellness,
positive values, and a meditation mat. We are a husband and wife team – Bobby and Luisa – and we are passionate advocates for holistic health and wellness, with a united, spirited belief in the power of natural alkaline water on both body and mind. Over time, Zuddha has steadily grown in awareness and acclaim, creating a community of advocates along the way, whilst never deviating from our core purpose and values, or our commitment to quality. Our bespoke 6-step purification process ensures Zuddha Water is always of the highest quality and purity, with a pH of 9.0+, while our additional holistic processes infuse our water with positive, healing energies. As a brand, we believe in educating and empowering others on the benefits of high-quality alkaline water, and the positive health and wellness impacts it can have, alongside other natural lifestyle practices. It’s a lifestyle we have lived for many years, and want to share with others. As a business, we understand that sustainable business practices are no longer simply a choice – they are a necessity. We are committed to sustainability and the environment, always looking for ways to improve our impact – through adaptation and innovation – in order to contribute more positively to the world of tomorrow.